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Looking for a Skip Hire for a Renovation Project in Newcastle? Here’s What You Should Know about Rubbish Disposal and Removal for Building Projects

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Perhaps you are doing some outdoor renovations and improvements on your home, to enhance its kerb appeal and resale value. Alternatively, maybe you are finally moving forward on the comprehensive interior renovation you’ve always wanted to do. Either way, hiring a skip bin for easy rubbish disposal in Newcastle is probably a good idea. Renovation projects tend to produce a lot of trash and debris, from discarded bits of flooring to old shreds of carpet.

At Needa Skip Bin, we can provide the service you need. We offer rubbish skip hires in Newcastle and frequently work with homeowners and property developers on their renovation and building projects. Since we can position our bins near your home—usually in the driveway—they provide exceedingly convenient spots for debris disposal. Before you start your project, though, there are a few things that you should know about skip bins as they pertain to building projects.

Rubbish Removal for Your Newcastle Renovation: What You Need to Know

First, it’s important to understand where you might stand regarding permitting and legality. It is entirely legal to hire a skip bin, put it on your property and fill it with rubbish and debris. However, precisely where you are allowed to place your skip bin can vary from property to property. Your driveway is typically the best bet: it is a stable spot for the skip bin to sit and is part of your property. If you are in an apartment building or a house without a driveway, though, you might need to put your skip bin in the street or on the nature strip.

Municipalities throughout Australia have different rules concerning these types of skip bin places. If you need to place a skip bin on public land, you may need to obtain a specific type of permit. Some municipalities even have lists of companies whose skips are permitted for placement on public property. Regardless, if there is not a suitable place on your property for your skip bin hire, give us a call at Needa Skip Bin. We can help you determine a smart, compliant strategy for your property.

Second, you should recongnise that not everything can or should be placed in a skip bin. Our rubbish skip hires in Newcastle, for instance, prohibit any building materials that contain asbestos. In Australia, asbestos was used in many houses up through the late 1980s. If your home dates back to this era, then you need to consider asbestos risks before you start renovating. You may need to hire an expert to assess your home and remove any asbestos-containing materials they find. Besides, Needa Skip Bin prohibits the disposal of building materials that contain asbestos. We also will not accept bins that have been used to dispose of insulation materials.

Book Your Rubbish Disposal Service in Newcastle Today

If you require rubbish removal in Newcastle and want an option that will be convenient for a renovation or building project, Needa Skip Bin can help. Call us today to book your rubbish bin hire.

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