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Easy Rubbish Disposal and Removal with Skip Hire in Lake Macquarie

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Inheritances have been distributed, the estate sales are complete, the house has been sold, but the family matriarch’s home is still full of stuff. With time running out, your brothers and sisters have all agreed to take a Saturday and clear out mom’s house. This emotional task is only made more difficult when considering the logistics of house clearing.

The weekly-collected wheelie bins are sure to be filled instantly, and you don’t have weeks and weeks to cart away what took decades in life to collect slowly. Using the family cars, proper rubbish disposal in Lake Macquarie would require multiple trips. Then, each trip would likely incur disposal costs. Instead, rubbish skip hire available to Lake Macquarie residents is the easy, low-cost, one-and-done solution for house-clearing projects. Needa Skip Bin provides speedy, reliable, and affordable large-scale rubbish removal.

Efficient and Low-Cost Rubbish Skip Hire for Lake Macquarie

Our rubbish skip hire bins range from 2-6 cubic metres with new lid-locking receptacles available. Pricing covers drop off, rental period, and removal (within weight allotments). Excessive weight is charged an additional fee by the kilogram. Please be mindful of maximum fill lines as they will help keep you within weight limits and ensure that we can stack collected bins on our dedicated truck. Reserve your bin for the projected duration of the clearing, however, if more time is needed, give us a call. In most circumstances, extended hire periods are no problem.

Skip bins allow you to get everything out of the house in one pass leaving professionals to deal with the rubbish removal to a Lake Macquarie dumpsite. There’s no need to sort, just throw it all in – the linen, the old dining set, gobs of silverware, beds, ancient TVs and electronics, everything. Fill it up quickly and need another? Just give us a call. We’ll send someone out to trade the full rubbish skip hire for an empty bin, so you can keep working.

Just because it fits, however, doesn’t mean that it should go into your bin for general rubbish disposal. Dangerous materials, insulations, and asbestos are not allowed in our skip bins under any circumstances. These materials have components deemed too hazardous for landfill disposal and are therefore too dangerous for our diligent and resilient staff. We will not transport a skip bin until such items have been removed (possibly incurring additional rental-period costs). If, however, these materials aren’t discovered until they reach the landfill, the contract holder will be subject to hefty fines and penalties by Australian codes.

Needa Skip Bin is Just a Call Away

We are a family-owned company local to Hunter Valley with extensive backgrounds in the transport industry. We excel at providing prompt, low-cost, rubbish disposal solutions to Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley region seven days a week. Friendly and environmentally conscious, we go the extra mile and sort bins at the dumpsite pulling out recyclables at no additional cost to you.

While convenient, skip bins must follow local rules, and it’s important to check for regulations regarding bin placement before your skip hire’s arrival. Many municipalities disallow skip bins at kerbside, while others require temporary permits for public positioning. If you’ll need to keep the skip bin outside your property line, call our service team to discuss your restrictions, processes, and options.

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